Jonathan Smoke, Executive Director of Hanley Wood Market Intelligence, spoke at WDMA's first ever Executive Management Conference for industry CEOs and Senior Executives! He provided a 2013 New Home, Remodeling, and Retrofit Outlook. After he addressed our industry leaders he sat down with WDMA Radio to review the economic and housing landscape as we enter the provided Hanley Wood's forecast for 2013 and beyond for new construction and remodeling & replacement. He spoke about economic fundamentals, housing market strengths and weaknesses, and insights about consumer demand. Jonathan also gave his hightlights from Hanley Wood's unique local views into market level health and gave his top ranking of the best markets for growth in 2013.

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Right after Bill Taylor, Founding Editor of Fast Company Magazine, spoke with CEOs at the WDMA Executive Management Conference, WDMA Radio spoke with the best selling author about his newest book Practically Radical: Transforming Your Company & Challenging Yourself.

In any field, winning organizations don't just offer competent products. They stand for important ideas that shape the competitive landscape of their industry-ideas that reshape the sense of what's possible for customers, employees and investors. Over the past two years, Bill Taylor has had in-depth access to 25 organizations that are masters of making change-organizations that are unleashing innovations and driving transformations. Using lessons set in a variety of fields, Bill will talked about how to shake up the window, door, and skylight industry and how to transform your company and recharge yourself.

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